television history

i’ve been trying to explain this sketch to people for years

there is literally no way to explain this sketch it’s just a thing you have to see and even then I’m not sure why it’s so funny

I was in a bad mood and this weirdness made it all better.

We’re heading back up north for a week tomorrow to look after a certain chocolate lab: Molly! I’m looking forward to it, especially as I’ll have a full week of Mikey, as well as seeing friends, family and most importantly: my doggies. It should be nice. I just hope the weather isn’t as shitty there as it has been here. 

August 29th — + with 1 note


If you claim to be a feminist and you shame girls for wanting to do traditional things like take their husband’s last name or be a house wife then you are doing it all completely wrong.

Feminism isn’t an elite group who defeats gender norms, it’s a group who accepts ALL women’s choices.



the nintendo ds came out 10 years ago